2024 PIPSO Products

PIPSO Reports
A statistical report providing information such as application counts, policies issued, premiums, losses and underwriting results.
Compendium of Property Insurance Plans (annual)
A complete analysis of each plan member including a brief history, coverage offered, underwriting standards and other information.
Property Insurance Plan Governing Committee Rosters (annual)
Listing of Plan Governing Committee Members.
Property Insurance Plan Market Penetration Report (annual)
Analysis of plan writings vs. all insurer writings in the state.
Property Insurance Plan Compilation of Expenses and Ratios (annual)
Analysis of plan expenses and associated ratios.
Directory of Property Insurance Plans (annual)
Lists all plan members showing managers, address, telephone, etc.
All PIPSO Publications listed above per year$550

All publications with the exception of the “Directory of Property Insurance Plans” will be sent electronically as a pdf. file. An
invoice will be mailed to you at the time the “Compendium” is produced. Please provide the following information so that we may quickly ship your order:

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