Current PIPSO Members and Links of Interest

PIPSO Members:

Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association
California FAIR Plan Association
Connecticut FAIR Plan
Insurance Placement Facility of Delaware
District of Columbia Property Insurance Facility
Florida Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
Georgia Underwriting Association
Hawaii Property Insurance Association
Illinois FAIR Plan Association
Illinois Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund
Indiana Basic Property Insurance Association
Iowa FAIR Plan Association
Kansas All-Industry Placement Facility
Kentucky FAIR Plan
Louisiana Citizens FAIR & Coastal Plans
Maryland Joint Insurance Association
Massachusetts Prop. Ins. Underwriting Association
Michigan Basic Property Insurance Association
Minnesota FAIR Plan
Mississippi Residential Property Insurance & Windstorm
Underwriting Associations

Missouri FAIR Plan
New Jersey Insurance Underwriting Association
New Mexico Property Insurance Program
New York Property Insurance Underwriting Association
North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association & Insurance Underwriting Association
Ohio FAIR Plan Association
Oregon FAIR Plan Association
Insurance Placement Facility of Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Joint Reinsurance Association
South Carolina Wind & Hail Underwriting Association
Texas FAIR Plan Association
Texas Windstorm Insurance Association
Virginia Property Insurance Association
Washington FAIR Plan
West Virginia Essential Property Insurance Association
Wisconsin FAIR Plan

Links of Interest:

Institute For Business and Home Safety
National Association of Insurance Commissioners
American Property Casualty Insurance Association
Insurance Information Institute