About Us

PIPSO is a not for profit corporation, reorganized and formed as a business league in January 1995. PIPSO’s purpose is to promote the efficient and economical operation of the state residual property insurance plans. We accomplish this by encouraging research and sharing of operating knowledge and technologies, by collecting and disseminating statistics related to the operation of the plans, and by providing education, training and other services to plans and to insurers to assist them in meeting their responsibilities in the residual market.

The PIPSO website has been developed primarily to assist the Property Insurance Plans to distribute financial reports to their members efficiently. Plans providing their financial data to the PIPSO website will permit their members to obtain financial information for all Plan states contributing data, by accessing this single site. Also, the site includes a Catastrophe area that will provide loss and related information when provided by the Plan affected by a catastrophe. For more information on downloading Plan data go to Using the Website.

PIPSO produces annual publications regarding Property Insurance Plan operations. The publications are available to interested parties at a nominal cost. For a description and cost of the PIPSO Publications, please visit PIPSO Publications.


President | Ronald A. Cassesso, CPCU, AIM
Vice President | Stephen Jablonski, CPCU
Administrative Operations Manager | Jason T. Foote